The Western Conference

 Alpha Dogs-San Antonio Spurs: Yeah,Yeah,Yeah I know the Spurs are old,Tim Duncan is seventy five years old and Manu Ginobilli needs training wheels.  But, overlook them at your own peril.  Remember, this is the same team that swept the Memphis Grizzlies in the conference finals and lost to the champion Heat in seven games.So before the … Continue reading The Western Conference

The Contenders – LA Clippers

 The Contenders - LA ClippersDoes Donald Sterling still own this team ? Yes, believe it, hell hath frozen over.  The Clips are championship contenders. After years of being the understudy in Los Angeles the Clippers have surpassed the Lakers as LA's best team.  With all star guard Chris Paul locked in along with burgeoning forward … Continue reading The Contenders – LA Clippers

The Best of the Rest

 The Best of The Rest  The Brooklyn Nets:Hats off to Nets ownership for addressing exactly what their team needed, toughness and leadership. With the addition of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Andrei Kirilenko the Nets have created an instant contender and if I were the Heat this is one team I would not want to face … Continue reading The Best of the Rest

Chomping at the Bit – The Indiana Pacers

Chomping at the Bit- The Indiana Pacers Management: Kudos to Pacer management for overhauling a team that suffered through the malice at the Palace. The team's culture has been re vamped and what we have now is a culture that is both professional and serious. Big credit to Larry Bird and to basketball lifer Donnie … Continue reading Chomping at the Bit – The Indiana Pacers

The Contenders-Miami Heat

The Contenders- Miami Heat Whoa, slow it down big fella. Who would list the Heat as second place finishers the season after winning the title ? Yours truly. Management: They don't always get the recognition they deserve but Miami boast one of the top organizations in sports. At the helm as always is team president … Continue reading The Contenders-Miami Heat

Not your Fathers NBA Preview

Not your fathers NBA preview. This preview / power ranking will high-lite the top three teams in each conference along with a mention of the up and coming teams in their respective conferences. Factors such as an increase in talent, better team management, the new CBA and shall I say it, strong stewardship from the … Continue reading Not your Fathers NBA Preview