Micheal changed the world and then he rested

 During a conversation the other day with a friend about Derrick Rose's most recent knee injury an interesting point surfaced.NBA superstar and role model par excellance Derrick Rose seriously injured both knee's in less than a years time.  The injuries occurred during game action and involved the anterior cruciate and medial meniscus.  Basketball fans world … Continue reading Micheal changed the world and then he rested

Chomping at the Bit – The Houston Rockets

Chomping at the Bit- The Houston Rockets What ! This guy must be crazy, ranking the Rockets over Oklahoma City and Memphis you say. Well maybe I am, but the Rockets were moving up in the standings even before obtaining center Dwight Howard via free agency. The Rockets were second in scoring and three point … Continue reading Chomping at the Bit – The Houston Rockets

The Contenders – LA Clippers

The Contenders - LA Clippers Does Donald Sterling still own this team ? Yes, believe it, hell hath frozen over. The Clips are championship contenders. After years of being the understudy in Los Angeles the Clippers have surpassed the Lakers as LA's best team. With all star guard Chris Paul locked in along with burgeoning … Continue reading The Contenders – LA Clippers