How can Derrick Rose return better than before ?


The big question in all of Chicago is will Derrick Rose return to action as good or better than he was before ?  I suspect he will succeed due mostly to his passion and love for basketball.  However, Derrick needs to improve his outside shooting and he can.
Here’s how: 
1.  The challenge, shooting flaws can always be detected by following the flight of the ball.  In Derricks case his shots are flat ( meaning they have a flat trajectory or straight line to the basket.
Derrick works very hard and when practicing he can probably knock down seven of ten shots consistently.  However, a common mistake among high jumping players is that they jump higher during game conditions.  Derrick also has a hitch in his release that can be corrected.  At this stage of his career Derrick needs an improved outside shot to keep the defense off balance.
2.  The solution,  Please note the illustration of NBA player Ray Allen as he shoots.  Ray was chosen for this post because he jumps almost as high as Derrick when he shoots.
Of the six frames shown of Ray shooting I would like you to pay attention to frame#3 and frame #6.
The position in frame #3 just over Ray’s forehead is the ball’s final resting place or set point just prior to the final shooting motion. The position is important because to obtain a higher release point the ball should be set higher.
Notice in frame#6 the ball is released between twelve and one o’clock or about 90 degrees. The release point is paramount because it utilizes the legs most in providing thrust for the shot.  
3.  The pay off,  The shot is on a higher trajectory which effectively improves it’s chances of going in ( especially since all basketball rims are twice the size of a single basketball ).
If done right the ball will also have a significant back spin which will virtually pull a shot in the basket. 
Remember:  One size does not fit all when repairing a players shot but flaws can usually be detected by following the flight of the ball.
Finally,   So by changing his set and release points Derrick Rose can enjoy a jump shot that requires less energy, is more accurate and will enhance his drives to the basket.  And remember there are a lot worse models than Ray Allen to emulate.



What should Phil Do?




Phil Jackson, former NBA champion as a player and coach is once again the center of NBA talk all over.  The big question is will Phil become the new team president ( The position allegedly offered ) of the New York Knicks. 
The Knicks, as it were are currently among the worst teams in the league and are staring at the possible loss of their franchise player Carmelo Anthony to free agency.  
Phil Jackson has had talks with Knicks owner James Dolan and a decision is imminent ( quite possibly sometime this week ).
Opinions vary as to whether Phil should take the job or not and some of them espoused mostly by media experts are as follows:
Phil’s health issues are to too pervasive to meet the physical demands of the Job.
The Knicks, ( who have no first round draft picks ) are too heavy a lift.
Team owner James Dolan is a micro manager who is reluctant to loosen his grip re: player personnel.
Phil’s considerable legacy is bound to be permanently sullied by association.
My response is to say Phil, make hay while the sun is still shining.  Phil obviously still has passion for the game and his desire to operate in the capacity of team president has been common knowledge for years.Albeit health issues persist with hip and knee replacements but the need to fly all over the country for scouting assignments is overated provided Phil makes the right choices when putting his staff together.  We must remember travel demands can be mitigated with just the use of a private jet and limo driver.  Besides, when was the last time Greg Popovich and Pat Riley built teams up from scratch ?  Right ,   that’s my point. It’s a lot easier when you are positioning free agents around Tim Duncan, D Wade, Chris Bosh and Lebron James.
The Knicks,  as presently constituted are a bit of a mess  but, to return them to contender status requires one or two key moves.  Now this is presuming Carmelo Anthony stays.  There is nothing wrong with the Knicks that free agents like West Brook and Kevin Love won’t cure.  Sans those moves the Knicks still have core of Tyson Chandler, Melo and Tim Hardaway Jr.
This opportunity presents a new challenge for Phil.  A chance to return to the city that started it all for him and throw caution to the wind as he approaches what ( with the exception of coaching the Albany Patroons ) may be the biggest challenge if his life. 
My advice ?  Grab your yoga mat and go east young man, go east.