Love and Basketball : Ferguson Missouri

Anthony Powers Love and Ball 11/26/ 14 Much of the language of the following was taken directly from transcripts of Darren Wilson’s grand jury testimony in the police murder of Michael Brown. So here’s what happened. I ‘m in my police SUV patrolling Lincoln Street in New Lenox, IL. I see these two male whites … Continue reading Love and Basketball : Ferguson Missouri

Love and Basketball

Love and Ball By Anthony Powers It’s twenty three degrees outside this cloudy day in Chicago. Winter did not tarry getting here this year. But it could be worse. It could be Buffalo, currently buried… I mean literally buried…I mean folk trapped under snow inside their homes waiting for rescue by the National Guard buried. … Continue reading Love and Basketball

The Chicago Bulls are rounding into shape.

The Bulls recent 102-91 victory against the Pistons at the United Center produced a sneak preview into what kind of team the Bulls could be as they work to live up to those pre-season predictions of a possible eastern conference crown. The Bulls starters were finally together for one of the few times in this … Continue reading The Chicago Bulls are rounding into shape.