Lord Of The Rings-NBA Style

The Cleveland Cavaliers face the Golden State Warriors in one of the most anticipated NBA Finals in years and the story lines abound in this one. Will Cavaliers superstar Lebron James provide the title strapped city of Cleveland with their first championship in any sport in over 50 years.

Can the Golden State Warriors complete a history making year, one that saw them break the all time winning record (73 wins) held previously by the Chicago Bulls?

The Warriors have defied convention and shattered all types of records in their quest for a second consecutive NBA championship so we have to ask, will LeBron James bring glory to the long and I mean long suffering Cleveland fans?

Actually it’s bigger than that.

LeBron James has been charged as it were to not only preserve his own legacy as the greatest player of this generation but also to protect conventional NBA wisdom regarding the path to stardom, pecking orders and whether or not the game is changing to a style featuring three point shooting.

Point guard Stephan Curry (45.4 3-pt%), Shooting guard Klay Thompson (42.5 3 -pt%) and the Warriors have taken the sports world by storm with their team play, incredible 3 point shooting and first rate defense.

Steph Curry has maybe the quickest shot-release in the game today with only one caveat. Teammate Klay Thompson’s is quicker. The style of play featuring ball / player movement and a barrage of 3-pointers has everyone from Charles Barkley to Oscar Robertson voicing doubt as to the greatness of these players and this team.

The Warriors have already eclipsed the Chicago Bulls all time win record of 72-10 by going 73-9 this season. The only hope millions of Chicago and Cleveland fans are holding onto is that some one will defeat this team and derail their quest towards NBA dominance with serious historical ramifications.

Who could pull this off? Well certainly not the Oklahoma City Thunder who lost in 7 games to the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals. The Thunder had arguably better talent but in the end they could not maintain the focus and discipline needed to knock off the champs as it took seven games to determine who would blink first.

Return of the King

Lebron James appears to be the last hope in beating Steph Curry and returning the NBA to some sense of normalcy or at least the league that made corporations out of poorly developed and trained AAU phenoms. No, the Warriors have taken a page from the the book of San Antonio and thrown in a kid with the looks of a 12 year old (according to his coach) and the stuff of legend coursing through his veins.

This would amount to a mighty undertaking and we all get to witness as one of the best NBA Finals in recent memory unfolds.