Blazers Make The Western Conf. Finals

What a game !

In one of the better 2018-19 playoff games the Portland Trailblazers beat the Denver Nuggets to advance to the NBA Western Conference finals.

To be honest I thought Denver, owners of the 2nd best regular season record in the west had the edge but the Trailblazers kept chipping and chipping away until they got the win.

Superstar Damian Lillard had an off game offensively 13 points 3 for 17 shooting but he did have 10 rebounds and his leadership was in full effect.  The ultimate praise is reserved for stars that make those around them better never was that more evident than when the Blazers stepped up to carry their best player and putting him in position to hit two key shots down the stretch.

The guy doing most of the stepping was guard C.J. Mc Collum who had 37 points and 9 rebounds.  The Blazers are a true team with everybody on the same page and players staying within their prescribed roles.

I suspect the process started earlier this year when star Damien Lillard suggested that he could be content staying with the Blazers and had no real desire to go all over the league chasing championships.  This announcement garnered little attention league wide but Damien’s teammates were listening and now what you have is a real dialed-in team one that no matter what will give you all that they have and all of the bullets left in the clip…So to speak.

The Blazers beat a really good young Denver team one that boast their own super-star in the making Nikola Jokic’.  Denver is getting better and will be around for a while.

It is truly refreshing to see an  unflappable Damien Lillard maneuver on the court and at  post game press conferences. (a real professional) and you know what? Teammate C.J. McCollum is a quick study.

So now we move to the Western Conference Finals and the Warriors are displaying that style of ball movement that contributed to their historic 73 win season;  however the loss of Kevin Durant may eventually catch up with them and believe it or not it may be up to the Warriors to prove that the Portland Trailblazers are not a team of destiny.

Who will win? Whom ever wins the game one.

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