Drop Steps.com 2019-20 NBA Roundtable

  By Lamar Battle Our group of contributors and gurus have convened to give their predictions for the NBA's 2019-20 Eastern conference standings. These picks reflect the opinions of the writers based on the experience and performance of the teams selected....and science. Tony P: 1. Philadelphia 76ers 2. Milwaukee Bucks 3. Toronto Raptors 4. Boston … Continue reading Drop Steps.com 2019-20 NBA Roundtable

The Top Ten 2019-20 NBA Players

By Lamar Battle It's that time again. Who are this seasons best players ? Surprise, only two players  from the East. 10.  Damian Lillard:       PG-Portland Trailblazers The number ten spot for Damian Lillard (23.5 ppg, 6.3 apg 36.8 3pt %) is legit even thought we have him rated over Russell Westbrook and … Continue reading The Top Ten 2019-20 NBA Players