2019-20 NBA Western Conference Standings



By Lamar Battle
It’s that time again.  One of the most anticipated NBA seasons is here one that boast the type of parity rarely seen in the leagues history.
The Eastern Conference offers maybe three to four contenders but in the West, we are talking about five to six teams.
Without further ado who are the top eight?
8. New Orleans Pelicans:
    Consider the positives, Lonzo Ball is out of Cali, incredible drafting and player acquisitions by General Manager David Griffin, 1st rate coaching with Alvin Gentry, Solid veteran play from Drew Holiday and of course Zion Williamson just in time for Christmas.
7. San Antonio Spurs:
    The Spurs return a veteran team coached by the best in the biz Greg Popovich.  Big deal, future star Dejonte Murray returns this year from injury.  The Spurs really really miss 6’10” shooter Davis Bertans (lost in a trade) But they will be as usual a precise and well drilled outfit.
6. Portland Trailblazers:
    Hassan Whiteside joined the team that made it to the 2018-19 Western Conference Finals.  The change of scenery will do Hassan good.
5. Utah Jazz:
    The Jazz will be good enough to challenge for the conference crown.  Key additions Mike Conley (in his prime) and Bojan Bogdanovic will add to an already solid defensive team.
4. Denver Nuggets:
    The Nuggets are a young and talented team that benefited from growing together.  Top player Nickola Jokic made All NBA first team last season.
Houston Rockets:
   Russell Westbrook joins James Harden (both previous MVP’s) to take the Rockets to a place previously unreachable by Harden and former point guard Chris Paul.  With the Golden State Warriors having a down year the Rockets feel like now is their time. There is a caveat, just about every team in the Western Conference has shown improvement.
A poor rebounding team they may have problems with big teams like….
2. LA Lakers:
    LeBron James has finally landed the running mate (Anthony Davis) that he so longed for.  Now the Lakers can start Davis 6’10”, LeBron 6’8″, Javelle McGee 7’0″ and Dwight Howard 6’10” coming off the bench.  This size gives (point guard) LeBron a lot to work with and believe me he knows what to do with it.
1. LA Clippers: 
    The team that took the mighty Golden State to six games in last years playoffs without Finals MVP Kahwi Leonard and All NBA 1st team Paul George.
Needless to say they are loaded and will more than likely battle the Lakers for Western Conference supremacy.
Will the Lakers size trump the experience and defensive prowess of the Clippers ?  Stay tuned.
Honorable mention:  Dallas Mavericks: Luka’s time has come
                                  Minnesota Timberwolves: Just how driven is Karl Anthony Towns ?

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