Cavaliers School Knicks

By Lamar Battle


In what turned out to be one of the more exciting NBA games of the season so far the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the New York Knicks Monday in Madison Square Garden.

Cavaliers star Lebron James fanned the pre game flames by saying the Dallas Mavericks rookie point guard Dennis Smith Jr. is the player the Knicks should have picked instead of the guy they got rookie point guard Frank Ntilikina.  Lebron raised the ire of Knick strong man Enes Kanter who came to the defense of his rookie.

The game itself provided a bevy of thrills as LeBron, Ntilikina and Kanter became involved in a shoving match that saw the rookie Ntilikina confronting LeBron directly.

The Garden erupted as the Knicks used emotion from the dust up to race to a 23 point lead over a Cavalier team that seemed dead in the water.

Ultimately the Cavaliers erased that huge lead to win the game and illustrate the difference between an experienced team hardened by winning and an up start just learning how good they can be.

So what are the take a ways:

LeBron is still a gun fighter,

An older one but a gun fighter nonetheless.  LeBron stoked the flames that knocked most of the Knick players off their square, guarded Kristaps Porzingas with six minutes left roughed him up and then dropped the three point dagger right in his grill.  All of that while serenading the City with possibilities of a free agent signing next season.  Not a bad days work.

Kristaps Porzingas  may not be a franchise player,

At least not yet, Porzingas allowed himself to be rough housed and thrown to the floor all game long.  He has added muscle for this year but apparently not enough as Jae Crowder, Dwayne Wade and LeBron James took turns treating young Kristaps (who had his worst outing of the young season) like a rag doll and the physical play affected his game  Kristaps will need to develop his legs as they are  key in holding offensive  position close to the basket. If he continues on his current trajectory he will get stronger and more experienced sooner rather than later. ( Good news for the Knicks)


Frank Ntilikina is a player,

The 19 year old last remnant of the Phil Jackson regime may have come one step closer to NBA legitimacy.  Everyone is aware of Franks defensive chops and how could he not be effective on defense with that 7 foot wing span.

In all fairness this player is a potential diamond in the rough with natural play making abilities and the gumption to take the big shot when the opportunity presents itself.

The Knicks are smart to bring him along slowly as this selection will start to pay dividends in year two.

Knicks Coach Hornacek needs to get up to speed,

In today’s game there are a handful of teams that play effective help defense and they are Boston, Golden State, San Antonio and Cleveland (only in the playoffs).

Notice the Knicks like a lot of teams were not included.  One of the best indicators of an organizations viability is their teams ability to play help defense.

Why is that?

Because it is truly hard to teach and enforce.  The sacrifice, energy and rotations needed will expose teams that don’t listen to or respect their coach.  Of course it pays to select the right players as smarts and unselfishness are key.

The Knicks led by Kristaps Porzingas are starting to experience early season success but until they start playing real defense they won’t seriously challenge battle tested teams like the Cavaliers.

When the smoke cleared the old gunslinger sensed a young gun ( Porzingas) in town but like those before him ( most notably Micheal Jordan)  He dealt with the young challenger in a way that will probably leave a lasting impression.




All Gods Children Got Guns

CJ Powers:  Taking Shots


…All God’s Children got Guns… Last week in our Church Men’s Workshop, we got into an interesting discussion. How do you keep your faith…what does faith even mean…in these troubled times in our communities, country and world.

While exploring these issues, we talked about concealed carry, and I gave an explanation of why I obtained mine. I talked about the spirit of violent hopelessness engulfing our communities and our nation. The specter of not only having to be vigilant regarding the criminal intent of certain adults, but even the violent actions perpetrated by a wounded and tragically unrestrained population of youth.

But I was not totally candid with my brothers. Yes these are daily concerns, especially given the recent attempted robbery of a woman by an armed youth near the church entrance. With his partner urging him to “shoot the bitch”.

But what really drove me to join the armed masses in our fearful money driven gun culture?

White people.

This answer may need explanation to my white brothers and sisters. Among my people, who have lived in America’s racist crucible, and feel its impact every day, it does not. In 1959, in the infancy of the television era, journalists Mike Wallace and Louis Lomax produced the documentary the introduced the country to the Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, and other early proponents of emerging “Black Nationalism”, which was a human response to American Apartheid. It was titled: The Hate that Hate Produced. The title was so prescient that it could easily serve as theme for the Trump era.

Or better yet: The Hate that Haters Produced.

A president who proclaims that an empty patriotic exercise at a football game is more important than a Black man, woman or child’s life. Even worse, the people…my neighbors, grocers, restaurant servers, parents of my son’s friends, teachers at my son’s school, police officers …who voted for him. Who accept and relate to what he says, does and represents. Who feel he unleashes them to finally be what they what to be and do what they want to do. Who raise their children by this standard, to the point where late in the campaign, my son’s predominately white school held a mock election, after -45 revealed himself to be a degenerate racist, sexual predator, and astounding liar, and -45 won. Who really believe he is the embodiment of what it means to make America great again.

The prevalence of crime, and the determination to protect my family, made me think about it. The election of -45 motivated me to do it.

White people. That’s why I got my concealed carry.

White people. I need to chat with you for a minute. Listen for a change.

…White people!… Hello white people! I’m going to need you to stop agonizing over how I should protest your centuries of dehumanizing me. The world, and the emerging majority of the country, needs you to have some serious conversation among yourselves. Do you really care about your country? Your planet? Your eternal souls?

Maybe -45, this reptilian swamp thing you have been duped by our national enemies to elect by an almost white-only minority vote, once the damage to our nation is EVEN MORE CLEAR, will at last lead you to embrace what Lincoln called your better angels. Pain brings clarity.

I am only hoping and praying, based on my naïve belief in your capacity for good (or in reverse Trumpian illogic…you are all sociopathic racist mass murderers…but some of you are good people), that -45 does not represent your final answer. The world is anxiously watching. And presumably building bomb shelters.

Now comes the obligatory disclaimer. Obligatory because it is obvious. This is not all white people. Just the 30-40 percent of all white people…3 to 4 of every 10…who support his antics, relate to his insanity, and accommodate his utter ineptitude. And perhaps the 1 or 2 more out of every ten who are suddenly forgiving…more forgiving than white Jesus…of every morally bankrupt episode, springing eternal hope for -45’s pivot, when he suddenly becomes a reasonable, presidential racist…

…and the additional 1 or 2 who were so morally appalled at the out-of-context snippet of a brilliant theologian (the Honorable Jeremiah Wright) that Barack Obama was compelled to seek atonement with the sensitive white psyche by repudiating, disassociating, renouncing, disavowing and all but presenting his nuts for ceremonial castration his own CHRISTIAN pastor…

…and the additional 1 or 2 who while vaguely sympathetic to the abstract (for them) issue of social inequality, economic inequity, mass incarceration and police violence, are far more invested in narrowing the options of how the victims should protest their victimization: Black Lives Matter! No! You may say All Lives Matter…or better yet…Police Lives Matter. But asserting your lives matter is disruptive to our American Zen. Hands up. Don’t shoot! That’s not fair. Some police don’t shoot Black people. I can’t breathe! -45 is gutting the EPA. Soon everyone can’t breathe! Stand your ground! Nope. We own that one. And please do not wear a hoodie. Or threaten us by walking and minding your own business. Or being Black, male or young. Or Black, female and old. Officer, I am reaching for my license. Then die nigger die. Officer I have a legal firearm. He’s got a gun!!!! You think the 2nd Amendment is for you????

Btw, it is amazing when I go to the range to shoot with my friends how much attention from store security we attract. Makes it difficult to breathe sometimes.

…Let’s have nonviolent civil disobedience, as the dude with the beautiful DC statue and the National Shopping Day whom you claim to love advocated. Get military gear. Deploy Urban Assault Vehicles! Now we’re angry because we are not being policed. We’re being occupied!

The thugs are rioting! Lock them up! Lock them up! No Justice, no peace. We only give peace. That’s why we shoot you. We kneel to protest injustice. You’re disrespecting OUR FLAG! (Union and Confederate), the military, first responders, Anheuser Busch, fried Twinkies, cute puppies, and everything else holy including our god himself! We stand up! Now we got to shoot ya (or at least knock you upside the head and send you to our prisons for profit…

(Interlude: I am currently praying, fasting and undergoing a period of intense personal denial, including self-flagellation, in order to attain enlightenment…a state of mindfulness in which I am less moved by football players kneeling than by how I am standing. Revolution is not a spectator sport. The Declaration of Independence is not a spectator sport. Our national survival is not a spectator sport. Which is the point, right?)

I’m bad at math so please forgive me if it seems to add up to all white people. Really…it’s just my public school education. When I took the ACT in high school, a teacher told me I had all the math aptitude of a plant. So blame it on my seventh grade class that met in the school auditorium because of overcrowding and was assigned a clueless first year teacher after all the whites fled my neighborhood when we moved in during sixth grade.

My bad math may be what motivated me to get legally strapped.

(Lets now take a deep breath and enjoy a peaceful Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. interlude: “I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Councilor or the Ku Klux Klaner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to ‘order’ than to justice”)

…My First Shot…. The first time I ever fired a gun was at a church youth retreat. My church back then owned some acres of land in Indiana near New Haven, not far from Lake Michigan. The church built on it and turned it into a “roughing it” retreat center called Camp Exodus. It was a deeply spiritual place. Boys and Girls learned to be men and women there. People from the community discovered the meaning of community and got closer to God there. We took homeless drug addicted men up there to get free ( back in the days when drugs were dope and addicts were locked up; unlike now where drugs have become opiates and addicts are to be rehabilitated).

Some local Klan members started riding by our camp harassing the children. The local Klan had rallies in town every Thursday. One boy who liked to go into the woods to collect bugs was accosted by a young white man who shouted “bang nigger you’re dead”. This was in 1998 Yall. Maybe we really should’ve seen -45 coming.

We called the local police over several days but no one came. Finally, late one night when some idiot banged on the windows of the girl’s cabin, terrifying them, we put in a call to some guys we knew in Chicago. They arrived in an hour and a half, with a trunk full of hardware. The older boys, standing erect as soldiers, stationed themselves in the girl’s cabin, guarding them with baseball bats. The men got the pieces and laid out a line of fire in every direction, just to let them know we were serious about protecting our children. As we walked back to the cabin, guess who suddenly developed rapid response capability…

Yep…local police. They obviously didn’t want an “incident” because they sent a young white woman and an older black man. The newly formed special Black people relations unit?

We talked it out with them, calmly and intelligently expressing our point of view and intentions. The white woman officer was very understanding and the Black officer, the silent partner, was nonetheless impressed.

This was the first time, I ever fired a gun.

I obtain no added confidence, no shallow swagger, no pleasure whatsoever in my concealed carry license. I actually hate guns (though I uphold the constitutional right for you to own one, or two, or 30….Ok?) I simply acknowledge the obvious to all but the willfully blind. These are dangerous times to be Black in America. Even more dangerous than typically dangerous times to be Black in America.

Dangerous like seeing confederate flags in my neighborhood. And the white man trying to curse me out at the gas station because I backed up near his angry white man pickup truck which I had clearly in sight via my rear view camera (he tried but didn’t succeed). And the blatant disregard for human life and suffering of non-white people encapsulated in -45 paper towel tossing obscenity in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican lives matter!!!!!!

…Are You Ready for Some Football?!!!… In light of all of the above, I wrap my head around the predicament of the toughest Black men in America: NFL Football players, discovering that author William C. Rhoden was right: they really are Forty Million Dollar Slaves. You got to love the cynical gall of “America’s Team” owner Jerry Jones kneeling with his players in a show of “unity” for marketing purposes, then threatening to bench any players who kneel in protest of injustice in America. This begs the question: If protesting against injustice is disrespecting the American flag, does that mean the flag upholds injustice? Is the flag yours or all of ours? If your flag upholds bigotry and systematic injustice, then fuck your flag.

If, on the other hand, the flag, under which my father served in the military, presents what the slave holding founding fathers declared to be the inalienable rights of every human being, then I’ll fight and give my life for that flag.

After all, I just bought a flag t-shirt from Walmart! Manufactured in Taiwan.

To my brothers in the NFL…keep that job and save your money. Do what you got to do. Stop kneeling if rules they just made up command you to stop kneeling. But don’t let -45 and your owners punk you out. Keep standing up for your communities. Keep standing up for what is right, justice indivisible! Just be creative, like a few men and some children at the Exodus Camp. Like Barry Sanders ducking and dodging and driving his way to the end zone.

Any manner of self-determined protest is going to be outlawed, punished, or otherwise

marginalized by your owners. They will pose variations of the argument that protest is offensive to fans, which is bad for their business. Their angst is not caused by you protesting during the national anthem. Their tender sensibilities are disturbed by you protesting at all. White privilege is a very sensitive topic for privileged whites. So you have to be creative. You have to duck and dodge. Juke and dance behind the line until you find an opening to break through to the end zone.

Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

Modest proposals: They say you can’t kneel. Come out with black tape across your mouth to protest your denial of freedom of expression. They outlaw black tape protest? Refuse to speak at the after game press conference. Answer every question with: I will not speak because I am being denied freedom of expression. They order you to speak and answer all questions. Begin every press conference with: I am here under protest because of the systematic injustices in American society and the bigotry of its president. Questions? They make you stick to a script? Pretend that because of football related CPD, you can no longer speak English and from now on you will answer all questions in the language of the Kingdom of Wakanda. Hire Ta-Nehesi Coates as your official interpreter.

You must talk the way they want you to talk? They throw down new slave codes….um…codes of conduct on you? Come out on the field carrying copies of William C. Rhoden Forty Million Dollar Slaves…

They kick you off their billion dollar plantation? Take your mad skills and build your own damn league.

Feel me? Protest against injustice never happens with permission. So do whatever you can to make the change you can.

Be creative like the OS (Original Slaves). Grind glass in massa’s food. Burn some crops. Organize field labor slowdowns. And always listen for the voice of old Harriet Tubman…Steal away…. Steal away to Jesus we don’t have much time.








NBA 2017-18, Let’s Get It On !


By Lamar Battle


Finally, after the best off season in it’s history the 2017-18 NBA season is here !  So with out further ado let’s break it down.

West Side Story:

Oklahoma City Thunder: 2016 MVP Russell Westbrook didn’t need much help to start with (seriously) but the team added in their primes Paul George and Carmelo Anthony.

The Thunder had nothing last season when Westbrook went to the bench but this year will be different and remember, Brook doesn’t need much help.

Golden State Warriors:  Last seasons NBA champs will be in the mix again boasting game changing three point shooting and near flawless defensive play.  Contrary to popular belief the road to repeating will be littered with land mines in Minnesota, Denver, Houston, San Antonio and OKC.

Can the Warriors avoid injuries and chemistry issues to repeat? Note to self, It will not be a cake walk.

San Antonio Spurs:  The leagues flagship franchise for class and consistency will have to survive the injury bug this year to truly compete.

Little known nugget,  Golden State cannot guard Kahwi Leonard who has been developed into a true superstar and future Hall Of Famer.

Houston Rockets:  Top three player James Hardin has sublimated his ego enough to allow the team to bring in super star point guard Chris Paul.  The Rockets were aggressive in their desire to compete for championships and brought in defensive pieces P.J. Tucker and Luc Richard Mbah A Moute that will pay dividends in the playoffs.

Free Throws:

Do not sleep on Denver and the crucial addition of Paul Milsap.

Show Time is back in LA !

The Clippers will benefit from the subtraction of Chris Paul on the chemistry front

OKC over Golden State in 6.


Return Of The … Kid:


Boston Celtics:  There are two other teams with a symbiotic relationship between management and coaching to match the Celtics they would be Golden State and San Antonio. Boston is built for the future with young thoroughbreds and a legitimate star(Kyrie Irving).  to contend today.  Do not sleep on this team that obtained Marcus Morris and Aron Baynes to deal with Cleveland? No, those two gentlemen were brought in to balance out Draymond Green and the dreaded Zaza Pachulia….Go figure. The Celtics were dealt a bad hand with the devastating opening night injury to free agent star Gordon Hayward but don’t discount the teams prospects.

Second year man Jaylen Brown is according to ace announcer Chauncey Billups “ready right now”.  Back up guard Marcus Smart is a gamer but a lot could be riding on the accelerated development of rookie Jayson Tatum.


Cleveland Cavaliers:  Blog contributor Mike B observed that during a pre-season loss to the Bulls the Cavaliers didn’t seem to possess much chemistry or continuity.  Hopefully the Cavaliers will work out the kinks or it could be a truly frustrating season.

Most experts predict another trip to the Finals for this Eras best player LeBron James but the Cavaliers with new editions Derrick Rose, Dwayne Wade and Jae Crowder still lack size an aspect that hurt them last year against the Warriors.  A number of players are long in the tooth which could make the team susceptible to younger and more athletic teams like Boston and Milwaukee.

However the Cavaliers still have LeBron James and it will be a challenge for any eastern conference  team to beat him in a seven game series.

Washington Wizards:  This team perhaps more than most will benefit from growing together. John Wall, Bradley Beal and Otto Porter are locked up and they still have the ever solid Marcin Gortat holding down the middle.  The challenge will be the play of the bench for this team.

Milwaukee Bucks:  There was one player actually playing defense during the 2016-17 NBA All Star game.  That player was Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo.  Many have predicted that Giannis will carry the torch as the NBA’s best player after LeBron retires.

The Bucks are young, long and hungry.  Second year players Thon Maker and Malcolm Brogdan are poised to make a difference for this team that made the playoffs (5th in the east). even without their second best player, Jabari Parker who will return for this season.

Free throws:

Health and maturity stand as test for the young Philadelphia 76ers

Bulls Rookie Lauri Markkanen can hoop

Calling Kyrie Irving “Kid” is one of last psychological edges LeBron still holds.

Speaking of Kyrie, he is ready and so are the Celtics…Boston over Cavs in 7.



– 45


CJ Powers: Taking Shots

45 Degrees Below Zero

There seems to be a growing informal consensus among Black Folk that henceforth, this president shall be referred to only as 45. This is fitting. The more we can collectively disassociate ourselves from this disaster the better.

They can’t blame us for that one. They can’t even blame Obama for that one.

I just have one problem with this branding of the one my man LeBron refers to as “that guy” (I’ve heard worse names for “that guy” from brothers at the barber shop…and at church). Referring to The Joker simply as 45 is an insult to the previous 44. That’s saying a lot. Worse than W. More clueless than Coolidge. More criminal (and vastly dumber) than Nixon. More deplorable than Asshole Jackson (mainly because this is 2017, not 1830, when America was great. Such a lovely plantation down there in Nashville.). More bought and bent than Hoover. More white supremacist hype man masking incompetence and cold war against the lives of working white people who support them because of hot war against the lives of Black and Brown people than Reagan.

Reagan was the Father. W. was the Son. Trump is the Un Holy Ghost.

So I’m not going to refer to the one my man LeBron calls a “bum” by a number in a sequence that includes Lincoln, Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Obama.

I propose we refer to him as 45 below zero. -45 for short.

-45 because zero is the demarcation between positive and negative. Between love and hate. Between something that builds up and something that tears down. -45 is cold as hell, a cold that makes things barren; a cold that chills to the bone. -45 is loveless, barren, hostile to beauty, and to peoples’ better angels.

I’m not referring his ideology, to the degree that he is coherent enough to have one. -45 is most notable for his narcissistic absence of human decency.

I’m going to pause here to allow those willing to forgive him any affront to anyone as long as he affirms the idolatry of whiteness. Go ahead and rationalize. Lawsuit for housing discrimination. Condemning 5 innocent black boys calling for their execution. The 44th President must prove his birthright (my favorite Alonzo Bodden joke: George Washington comes from the past to visit the White House. When informed that Barack Obama was President of the United States, Washington replies: “Well who owns him?”). Go ahead and put on your white lens to help you overlook Mexicans are rapist and thieves (though some are good people.) Grabbing women by the pussy. Sexual assault allegations. McCain not a real war hero because he got caught. Demeaning parents of war hero killed in battle. Calling for mob violence against protestors. Colluding with Russia and his own demons to destroy the American Government and disrupt the fragile cohesion of American society.

….It’s getting cold outside baby; I don’t know what we gonna do 45 degrees below zero, and my black is turning blue…

…A good old ‘Bama boy as Attorney General. Declaring after acts of Nazi terrorism that Nazis are good people (Klansmen too!). Bullshitting and blustering the world to the brink of nuclear war. Attacking the livelihoods of sportscasters (Free Jemele!) and athletes for exercising nonviolent and relatively tame protest and commentary. Ignoring the plight of USA citizens (has anyone told -45 Puerto Rico is a part of the United States? Fox could you get word to him?) whose lives have been destroyed by Hurricane Rita… …and the lies lies lies lies lies lies.

Is your basest nature so affirmed by his bigotry that you will overlook the disaster unfolding before your eyes and imagine redemptive possibilities? Does your idolatrous god hold such sway over you that you believe the apostasy expressed by gospel singer Vicky Yohe: That -45’s election represented Jesus (the white one) “On my way back to the White House”. And that he is worthy of her declaring: “protest all you want…no weapon formed against him shall prosper.” Is the pussy grabbing warmongering hater your Lord and Savior?

Would you rationalize my lynching?

And now he’s fucking with our football. And messing with my beloved NBA. Kudos to my new favorite coach of all time, Tell them Pops: “So you’ve got a choice: We can continue to bounce our heads off the wall with his conduct, or we can decide that the institutions of our country are more important, that people are more important, that the decent America that we all thought we had and want is more important, and get down to business at the grass-roots level and do what we have to do.” Kudos to LeBron, making the Big O, Kareem and Russ smile once again: “It’s not about disrespect for flag and military and people who served…It’s about equality and having the option and freedom to speak about things they feel are unjust.”

Kudos to Steph Curry dropping a 30′ three in -45’s eye: “It was amazing to see all these guys rally around each other and speak up,” Curry said. “That’s what this is about. We’re not trying to divide and separate this country. We’re trying to bring everybody together and speak about love and togetherness and equality.”

Kudos to all those football players, the NFL being the most plantation-like of the major American sports, for standing up to an existential question: How can you be a warrior on the field and punk out off the field when -45 calls our mothers bitches?

I pray you remember how strong you stood together next weekend, and for as many weekends as necessary. And I hope for your sakes you remember your solidarity come next collective bargaining time.

Since I was a child and to this day I do not salute the flag. I’ll stand in respect to my Father, a veteran who both served his country and agreed with and informed my perspective. I’ll stand out of a faded but still vibrant hope that we might work this shit out and truly take our country for

the first time. I’ll stand out of the understanding that the men, women and children I stand with are my brothers and sisters under God. I’ll stand on the possibility that we might one day actually win our unresolved civil war in a manner that doesn’t get us all killed.

I don’t stand for the flag. I won’t recite or sing words until they prove to be true. I don’t place my hand over my heart: the flag has not earned my heart yet. Justice, human compassion, respect for the earth, equal opportunity, and pursuit of peace: these earn my heart.

Blessed are the peacemakers…

And don’t say shit to me about it until the government stops obstructing us from the ballot.

Kaepernick chose to kneel. He isn’t the first sports figure to be punished for nonviolent protest for justice. Oscar Robinson and Kareem had doors shut on them that normally open for NBA royalty. Tommy Smith and John Carlos couldn’t find jobs and suffered for years after their 1968 Olympic protest. Mahmoud Abdul Rauf and Craig Hodges were blackballed in a manner similar to Kaepernick. Ali was stripped of his title and 5 prime years of the second greatest boxer in history (Sugar Ray Robinson #1…even Ali said it.).

Maybe the best argument for Bill Russell being the greatest player in NBA history, other than, you know, the 13 titles and never losing a game 5 or 7 (that’s 14-0 yall!), is that MJ and Bron never had to perform with stadium crowds shouting nigger at you. And breaking into your house to ransack and shit in your bed. Yes this actually happened to Russ.

Maybe Jack Johnson was the greatest boxer in history. Can you imagine a Black man publically beating white men in 1910? And getting paid! A lot! Because he beat the ass of white men. Go figure. Always, in America, hate sells. White riots killing Black people, sometimes hanging folk on lampposts, accompanied his victories.

So can we please stop with the pretense protesters “introduce politics into sports”. We wouldn’t have needed the suffering greatness of Jackie Robison if politics were not in sports.

Tell them Coach Pops: “This is an individual who actually thought that when people held arms during the games, that they were doing it to honor the flag. That’s delusional. Absolutely delusional, but it’s what we have to live with.

Why participate in the delusion of upholding the symbol of the flag while being denied what the symbol is purported to represent?

Consider this: “If the black man wins, thousands and thousands of his ignorant brothers will misinterpret his victory as justifying claims to much more than mere physical equality with their white neighbors.” -The New York Times; 1910

“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out, he’s fired. He’s FIRED!’ You know, some

owner is gonna do that. He’s gonna say, ‘That guy disrespects our flag; he’s fired.’ And that owner, they don’t know it. They don’t know it. They’re friends of mine, many of them. They don’t know it. They’ll be the most popular person, for a week. They’ll be the most popular person in this country.” – The -45 President of the United States; 2017

Turn up the heat on -45! Free Colin! Fight the good fight of faith!

By CJ Powers

CJ Powers is a frequent contributor to this blog.

The Celtics Are Back ! The Celtics Are Back!

By Lamar Battle


Or are they ?  Speculation abounds after the blockbuster trade sending Kyrie Irving formerly of the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Boston Celtics for a package of Isiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, rookie Ante Zizic and the Brooklyn Nets unprotected 2018 first round pick which will more than likely be a lottery selection.

With popularity already through the roof the NBA managed to hold our attention to just before the start of training camp for the 2017-18 season…..Wow.

Most observers were aware of Kyrie’s trade request with the Cavaliers and how if unacknowledged could have unhinged the Cavaliers locker room for the up coming season.

After winning an NBA championship along-side LeBron James at age 25 Kyrie Irving expressed a desire to be the main man on his own team.

The trade though now completed holds huge implications for the balance of NBA power in the Eastern conference and quite possibly the entire league.

Who were the winners and losers?


Kyrie Irving, who is now position to along with a solid team and competent coach to take over in the Eastern Conference if not this year then the next.

Lebron James, amid speculation that he would leave after this season to join the LA Lakers the Cavaliers have  an opportunity to convince LeBron to stick around awhile.  Isiah Thomas brings great scoring ability (29.8ppg), Jae Crowder is an above average defender and capable three point shooter (39.8%) but the sweetener  is the Nets  pick in a draft that may boast a number of potential franchise players.

Danny Ainge, Celtics G.M. recently completed seminar on how to rebuild a pro basketball team.

Koby Altman, the new Cavaliers GM absolutely got the best return for Kyrie Irving and the CAVS are now a deeper team with future prospects.  According to sources the Cavaliers may not be done dealing.

Dan Griffin, the Cavaliers owner side-stepped a burgeoning fan revolt after a disastrous off season to this point.


Jae Crowder, who may be tasked with guarding Kevin Durant providing the Cavaliers make it to the NBA Finals.

The Washington Wizards, Toronto Raptors and rest of the eastern teams that may have to wait 4-5 years for a shot to contend for the East.


Kyrie Irving got exactly what he wanted.  LeBron James may delay breaking the hearts of Ohio fans for a little while longer but to beat the Warriors LeBron will need one to two bonafide superstars.

NBA fans simply cannot wait for the start of the season.

The NBA’s Western Conference will be a bloodbath and the East won’t be far behind.  At the end of the day both teams won this deal and yes………The Celtics are back.





What’s All The Fuss About LaVar Ball ?

By Lamar Battle

Unless you have been living on an island for the last 4 to 5 months I’m fairly certain that you have heard of LaVar Ball father of 2016-17 second pick in the NBA draft Lonzo Ball.

To say LaVar is a proud dad is to the least an understatement as he has been described as arrogant, loud, bombastic and of course crazy.

Mr. Ball has taken the sport world by storm mostly due to the basketball skills of his three boys, Lonzo, Li Angelo and LeMelo all accomplished players with Li Angelo and LeMelo following their older brother to UCLA on full scholarship.

The sports world is rife with stories of stage mothers and fathers following the exploits of their progeny with a  zeal that may best resemble oh, say Black Friday shoppers at a local Best Buy.

LaVar has on occasion been accused of saying that his son would become the greatest basketball player of all time, that he (LaVar) could have beaten NBA legend Micheal Jordan in a game of one on one.

LaVar signaled that he would accept a one billion dollar shoe contract from one of the major companies ( Nike, Adidas and Under Armour) for his three boys.  Better yet he announced the formation of his families signature brand for shoes and apparel: The Big Baller Brand.

The major sports networks most notably ESPN and FOX Sports cannot get enough of LaVar and word has it that Facebook has inked his family for a reality series.

Son Lonzo was selected by the Los Angeles Lakers and new team president of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson who has since characterized Lonzo as the new face of the franchise.

LaVar predicted ( he says since Lonzo’s birth) that his son  would be picked by the Lakers.  So how did it happen ?  LaVar said he spoke it into existence.

The Law Of Attraction ?

Could LaVar Ball be practicing that metaphysical discipline based in quantum physics that illustrates  the influence of thought and words on our circumstances?

Last time I checked LaVar was the one who said he spoke Lonzo’s ascension into being. He also spoke on how he chose his wife and mother of his children because she was beautiful, tall, (6-1) confident and together they raised three sons two of which will be NBA players and since launched a shoe and apparel line that has at least a 50-50 chance of succeeding.

Lonzo Ball is a 6-6 point guard who shoots 55.1% from the floor and 41.2% from the 3 point line and wields an unusual knack for passing and unselfish team play.

Lonzo could not ask for a better mentor than Magic Johnson (one of the NBA’s all time great point guards) but his greatest potential as a pro may be in the impact he has on his teammates.

So LaVar Ball the man many feel is as polarizing as he is impressive ( And he deserves more credit than he gets for being a first class athletic trainer) may very well be on to something reminding any one within ear shot over and over and over that his boys will make history.

Stay tuned.


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NBA Finals Round table

By Lamar Battle


I had a planned  meeting of pod-cast contributors and ordinary gentlemen set for a later time but from the looks of things the NBA Finals series between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers  could be over in a heart-beat.

Joining me are Greg , Enrique, Mike and A.J.

Lamar:  With the Cleveland Cavaliers down 2-0 in the Finals does anyone feel that there is a chance for them?

A.J.:  I have a better question, who is the greatest of all time Micheal Jordan or Kevin Durant?

Lamar:  That was cold bro.

Greg:  Actually, that is not an unfair question in that Kevin Durant  up to this point is outplaying LeBron James and that’s after averaging 32 and 10 against LeBron in the regular season.

Enrique:  There may be a slight opening for Cleveland but I am surprised that LeBron has yet to make more of an offensive push in the 4th quarters.  We can all see how dominant he can be but when his team needs that extra push he always defers to his teammates.

Mike:  By the 4th quarter LeBron is probably tired from having to chase Kevin Durant around for most of the game.

Enrique:  Well someone should should tell him it’s the Finals for crying out loud.  If any series is where you lay it all down, it’s in this series.  I mean what good is going to the Finals seven straight times if you only have three titles to show for it.

Greg:  A lot of my readers are under the impression that the Warriors may lack heart and if the series tightens up that lack will show just like it did last year.

Lamar:  If the Cavs can take game 3 in such a way that changes the flow of the series then things can get interesting real quick.

A.J.  After you guys put down the kool-aid remember that the Warriors have won the first two games in convincing fashion.  One problem the Cavaliers face is that they have some older players that were more than satisfied to get one ring let alone two.

Greg:  One thing is  for sure and that is the Cavaliers will not beat the Warriors playing the Warriors style of ball.  One question is can the Cavaliers slow the game down and manufacture free throws?  Can Lebron and Kevin Love supply enough inside presence to open up their outside shooters?

Lamar:  What does a loss mean for Cleveland?

A.J.   For one, all of the LeBron as the G.O.A.T. talk will have to be put on hold.  As a matter of fact he may not win another title especially if he stays in Cleveland.

Lamar:  Where else could he go?

Mike:  The best fit if he wants to seriously contend for another  title  is probably the L.A. Clippers.  I say this because the Clippers have enough existing talent to contend in the west especially with LeBron James on the team.

Greg:   The Clippers are a possibility but if LeBron decides to stay home then the Cavaliers will have get some young studs in there.

Lamar:  You mean like Andrew Wiggins?

Greg:  Don’t get me started on that subject. (laughs all around)

Lamar:  A Fox Sports 1 commentator suggested that there are two teams in the NBA that are totally controlled by their star players, those would be the Cavaliers ( 16th in ppg allow and fg% allow) and the L.A. Clippers.( 11th in ppg allow and fg% allow) per Fox,  If that’s the case then  LeBron may have to leave player acquisitions to experienced staff.  (providing he has not done so)

Also, one overlooked aspect of this series is that the Golden State Warriors put a lot of thought into the type of attack they wanted and then they (team management including consultant Jerry West) went out and got the players that formed the type of team that is seemingly revolutionizing the game.   The Warriors are long, athletic, smart and unselfish.

Essentially this highly coached and motivated team also boast the 3 best shooters in the game today and possibly of all time.

Come to think of it, we could have another dynasty in the making.

Mike:  That’s what I’ve been saying all along.