Listen NBA, No More Locker room Brawls.

  By Lamar Battle   I think it's time for the NBA to go Retro !  Regarding  fights.  No more following each other to the hallways, locker rooms or team buses. What's a pissed off player to do? Here's what,  don't fight but if you must,  settle your scores on the court like in the … Continue reading Listen NBA, No More Locker room Brawls.

Top Five 2017-18 NBA Rookie Leaders

By Lamar Battle   Most predicted that the 2017-18 NBA rookie class would be one of the best and from the looks of things they were right. Who are the Leaders in the race for Rookie Of The Year and team contributions? Ben Simmons, Philadelphia 76ers: At the quarter mark the leader in the race … Continue reading Top Five 2017-18 NBA Rookie Leaders

All Gods Children Got Guns

CJ Powers:  Taking Shots   …All God’s Children got Guns… Last week in our Church Men’s Workshop, we got into an interesting discussion. How do you keep your faith…what does faith even mean…in these troubled times in our communities, country and world. While exploring these issues, we talked about concealed carry, and I gave an … Continue reading All Gods Children Got Guns