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Dr.Kings Memorial…A Must See


I’m a little embarrassed to say that I just got around to visiting the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington DC.
While always planning to go I never got around to it even while acknowledging the  initiative it must have taken took to complete a project that was long overdue.
President Obama has achieved a lot during his short tenure in office but the Dr. King Memorial along with the much anticipated African American History museum will go a long ways in cementing a formidable legacy. ( I’m not certain it would have gotten done with out him).
The entire experience of visiting D.C. is impressive just from the standpoint of appreciating the history associated with all of the historical sites including the White house, The Capitol, The Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Memorial etc.
However, visiting the Dr, King Memorial served to drive home just how impactful and overdue this effort really is and how it so belongs along side all of the others.
Up to this point I had only newspapers and magazines photos to rely on and I was unaware as to how large an area was carved out to pay homage to one of the giants.
The site itself is facing the tidal basin across from the Jefferson Memorial.
It is a massive block of granite with Dr. Kings image carved out of it.  That was the image I was accustomed to but what I didn’t know was there were two other sections of stone which gave the impression that Dr. King was actually separated from a mountain.
The inscription serves to drive home this point:
To each side of the memorial are marble walls that showcase passages from some of Dr. Kings speeches.
My favorite:

Harry E. Johnson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the memorial foundation, added these words in a letter posted on the memorial’s website:

The King Memorial is envisioned as a quiet and peaceful space. Yet drawing from Dr. King’s speeches and using his own rich language, the King Memorial will almost certainly change the heart of every person who visits. Against the backdrop of the Lincoln Memorial, with stunning views of the Tidal Basin and the Jefferson Memorial, the Memorial will be a public sanctuary where future generations of Americans, regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation, can come to honor Dr. King.[
One cannot come away from this memorial with any feeling other than one of respect for this visionary who was at equal times prophetic, spritual, metaphysical and selfless.
You could do a lot worse than paying a visit to Dr.Martin Luther Kings Memorial, that is, If you happen to be in the area.
Chicago Bulls guard Jimmy Butler (21) grabs a rebound during the first half on Monday, March 23, 2015, at the United Center in Chicago. (Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune/TNS)

The Time Is Right To Trade Jimmy Butler

Many thought the Bulls would move Jimmy Butler during the 2016 NBA draft due to his value and potential to bring in a combination of top picks and established players.
The Bulls inactivity led most to believe that it was time to build around Jimmy Butler going forward but then something happened.
1. The Bulls acquired Rajon Rondo. On the surface it would seem reasonable given the Derrick Rose trade and the need for a point guard.
However Rondo presents with a couple of challenges for Jimmy Butler since he is at equal points a ball dominating guard, a poor outside shooter and an alpha male in the locker room.
The trading of Derrick seemingly alleviated a leadership log jam between Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose so what do we do? We bring in an Alpha dog in Rajon Rondo.
Some had envisioned the Bulls becoming the Houston Rockets 2.0 featuring Jimmy and the shooters. Let’s see Butler 31.2% from the three, Rajon Ronda 36.5% from the three, could we be witnessing a shift from Hoi-ball (Bulls head coach Fred Hoiburg) to something else entirely different?
  And what does that mean for shooters Doug McDermott and Nikola Mirotic’ ?
 Well the Bulls could:
Trade Jimmy Butler to Boston for their # 3 pick which turned out to be Jaylen Brown from the University of California and two number one picks.
A possible starting line-up could be Rondo, Brown, Dunleavy, Gibson and Lopez.
Reserves ? Valentine, McDermott, Mirotic’, Calderon and Felicio.
Those moves would leave the Bulls flexible and competitive….As it stands now this team misses the playoffs again this year and the next.
Bulls fans, the iron is hot.

Random Thoughts And LeBron.

Random thoughts while in route to Cleveland;

27 points 11 assist and 11 rebounds in a game 7 ?   What player does LeBron James really remind you of?

See photo above.

Is it possible that LeBron could re-frame the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) argument from one that only really considers scoring as the most meaningful criteria ?

Could getting J.R a championship ring be bigger than say coming back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA finals ?

The looks on the faces of Cleveland fans during game 4 of the finals only drove home the level of despair and hopelessness felt by them for 50 odd years. The fear and tension was thick enough to cut with a knife.

One of the single shrewdest moves of recent history was LeBron James goading Draymond Green into the crotch blow that changed the series and to drive home the point LeBron adroitly repeated to the media (and NBA commissioner Adam Silver) how Draymond insulted him, a man with a wife and three children.

The resultant suspension altered the entire flow of the series and the upset was on…..Absolutely brilliant!

Dear Draymond, an ” It was my fault” will not suffice.

By refusing to go small the Cavaliers did what OKC started but failed to finish and forced the Warriors to (unsuccessfully) adjust to the obvious size deficiency. The Warriors will have to shore up their size in the middle to support the oft-injured Andrew Bogut going forward. ( Bulls free agent center Pau Gasol would be a good fit).

Now that the ( Cleveland championship) curse has been broken it is not inconceivable to see LeBron James winning another 3 or 4 NBA titles at which time the greatest player of all time discussions will heat up yet again.

By the way:

How far do you think a young Micheal Jordan would have gotten with LeBron’s first team in Cleveland?

Just sayin.





in Game Seven of the Western Conference Finals during the 2016 NBA Playoffs at ORACLE Arena on May 30, 2016 in Oakland, California. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.

Lord Of The Rings-NBA Style

The Cleveland Cavaliers face the Golden State Warriors in one of the most anticipated NBA Finals in years and the story lines abound in this one. Will Cavaliers superstar Lebron James provide the title strapped city of Cleveland with their first championship in any sport in over 50 years.

Can the Golden State Warriors complete a history making year, one that saw them break the all time winning record (73 wins) held previously by the Chicago Bulls?

The Warriors have defied convention and shattered all types of records in their quest for a second consecutive NBA championship so we have to ask, will LeBron James bring glory to the long and I mean long suffering Cleveland fans?

Actually it’s bigger than that.

LeBron James has been charged as it were to not only preserve his own legacy as the greatest player of this generation but also to protect conventional NBA wisdom regarding the path to stardom, pecking orders and whether or not the game is changing to a style featuring three point shooting.

Point guard Stephan Curry (45.4 3-pt%), Shooting guard Klay Thompson (42.5 3 -pt%) and the Warriors have taken the sports world by storm with their team play, incredible 3 point shooting and first rate defense.

Steph Curry has maybe the quickest shot-release in the game today with only one caveat. Teammate Klay Thompson’s is quicker. The style of play featuring ball / player movement and a barrage of 3-pointers has everyone from Charles Barkley to Oscar Robertson voicing doubt as to the greatness of these players and this team.

The Warriors have already eclipsed the Chicago Bulls all time win record of 72-10 by going 73-9 this season. The only hope millions of Chicago and Cleveland fans are holding onto is that some one will defeat this team and derail their quest towards NBA dominance with serious historical ramifications.

Who could pull this off? Well certainly not the Oklahoma City Thunder who lost in 7 games to the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals. The Thunder had arguably better talent but in the end they could not maintain the focus and discipline needed to knock off the champs as it took seven games to determine who would blink first.

Return of the King

Lebron James appears to be the last hope in beating Steph Curry and returning the NBA to some sense of normalcy or at least the league that made corporations out of poorly developed and trained AAU phenoms. No, the Warriors have taken a page from the the book of San Antonio and thrown in a kid with the looks of a 12 year old (according to his coach) and the stuff of legend coursing through his veins.

This would amount to a mighty undertaking and we all get to witness as one of the best NBA Finals in recent memory unfolds.

What Color is Your Field ?

By Lamar Battle

Reprinted from 2014 and just in time for football season !

I noticed during a recent Chicago Bears loss to the Green Bay Packers the grass in Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears had a yellowish hue,

The field was pock marked with divots and appeared to have sections that were patched in. In an era where NFL teams showcase state of the art stadiums with thick synthetic grass with rubber pellets that simulate dirt and minimize injuries It’s curious that the Bears would subject a million dollar product ( the players) to sub standard conditions.

As a matter fact around the country there are stadiums that are truly spectacular.
The flag ship may be AT@T (Home of the Cowboys) Stadium in Texas which has hosted an NBA All Star game and is slated for future final fours and super bowls. So impressive is this domed facility that tours are conducted year round. Detroit’s ( yes I said Detroit) Ford Field boast a roof, first rate turf and four levels of sky boxes located over seats that provide all of the fans great views.

Then there’s the Super Dome in New Orleans, enough said. Houston, Atlanta, St Louis and Indianapolis all sport domed stadiums where fans are always comfortable. In the case of Phoenix there is a stadium that transports the entire field in and out with the use of a sophisticated system of rollers thus ensuring that natural grass can be used in a domed stadium with a retractable roof. Imagine what that must have cost ?

Of course everyone knows that we reside in the city of big shoulders where player and fan alike endure the elements in some sort of weird display of entertainment machismo. Even in the presence of tornado warnings Bear fans just retire to the concourse area until the threat is over.

Could it be that tradition and loyalty are time tested ways to save money at the expense of working people ? On many fronts Chicago is considered to be a world class city but we always seem to roll out discounted amenities. The 300 section in th United Center is so high ( In a building that seats over 21,000) that fans have to watch the game on the Jumbo Tron. U.S. Cellular Field once had seats so high and steep that fans were afraid of falling out to the field. Wrigley Field amounts to a 1950’s era park with the allure of bars and restaurants in the surrounding area to appease the faithful.

Now, I must admit that Soldiers Field is not hard on the eyes and it does boast a splendid view of the Chicago skyline, but basically we are just talking about additional seats heaped on top of what was left of the old stadium. Of course, owners of any team can choose whatever design they desire, considering that taxpayers never contribute ( pun intended) and most owners sell stadium naming rights to corporations for peanuts.

Today, stadiums can utilize sun and rain shades for fans on upper levels while leaving the playing surface exposed. Millers Park in Milwaukee boast a retractable roof. Can you believe that ? A retractable roof in Milwaukee? must have cost a fortune.

Seems interesting that two of the cities with the biggest income discrepancies between rich and poor also offer two of the worst football stadiums. The accused are Chicago and New York.

To be honest, a game at Soldier Field is not so bad unless of course, It happens to be raining or 20 degrees outside.

Can Jimmy Butler And Derrick Rose Co Exist ?

” I am a point guard”.

With those recent words Bulls shooting guard Jimmy Butler told Bulls.com that he and Derrick Rose will be a force to be reckoned with going forward or he announced to the world that after claiming the mantle of team leader during last seasons playoffs he is now asking for control of the ball and offense.

Here’s what we Know:

In his fourth season Jimmy Butler (22.9 ppg 44.1 fg% 38.9 3pt% ) per Bulls.com, established himself as a first time All-Star and one of the best two way players in the NBA,

Former MVP Derrick Rose is returning after a successful season ( 20.3 ppg 39.6 fg% 34.8 3pt% ) per Bulls.com, and is working to re-establish himself after a history of injuries as one of the top players in the NBA.

It was alleged Derrick and Jimmy did not get along last season and during the playoffs
Jimmy has to this point offered explanations and insist that he and Derrick are ok and will be united in their desire to win a championship.

Derrick has said little to nothing about the alleged rift.

The Bulls hired 1st time head coach Fred Hoiburg to bring together what was described by some as a toxic locker room during last season.

What are the prospects ?

Per distinguished NBA writer Sam Smith in response to Jimmy Butler’s assertion. ” It sounds like a joke for the guy who was supposed to be a small forward replacement for Luol Deng. But having another guard who can handle the ball and allow Rose to play off the ball with Butler’s defensive prowess provides a potentially exceptional and previously unknown element to the Bulls arsenal. ”

This to me sounds like solid analysis however, isn’t it possible for Jimmy Butler to accomplish all of the above from the two guard position ?

Isiah Thomas and Joe Dumars were one of the pre-eminent back courts in NBA history as they shared ball handling duties with each being capable of initiating the offense for the Detroit Pistons.

There were times when Isiah would operate from the wing position and move without the basketball, Joe Dumars would do the same depending on match ups and or tactical advantages.

What I find interesting is Joe Dumars never announced to the world first that he is the team leader and then he plays the position of his teams established point guard who just happens to be a league MVP.

On the surface Jimmy Butler’s new found confidence could just be a natural changing of the guard (no pun intended ). However it begs to question, how does Derrick Rose feel about all of this ? Is Derrick in agreement with Jimmy ? Will he abdicate leadership? Should he?

Maybe a review of game six of last years eastern conference finals could prove instructive where Derrick Rose seemingly backed off during the late stages of the game when the Cleveland Cavaliers turned it into a rout.

There were those who theorized that Derrick was giving Butler room to prove he could carry the team, whether he was or not, it was not a pretty sight for a team that returns it’s entire roster for the up-coming season.

The success of the Chicago Bulls this season could hinge on a rookie coach’s ability to forge this group of alpha males into a cohesive unit.